Texas Holdem Poker: Pokerist App Reviews

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Great Game

Ive been playing for about two years and worked my way slowly up to a nice sum of "play" money. Lots of fun while you are waiting. Real people to play against and talk to.

Do not update

This version is extremely bad. Yo1. You can no longer view friends play without participating in the game, unless the table is full 2. 2. You can no longer logout of the game. It is now for a single account only. 333. Keyboard layout is different; there is a large @ symbol next to the right side of the space bar which is impossible to miss. If you type, it is guaranty that you will not miss that key. 4 4. Text prediction is no longer available. Do not update to this version. It reeks extremely.


I have to agree with some of these negative reviews. Ive never paid to play this game and had up to $1.2 billion at one point. And there have been several times where no matter how I played, I would lose for lengthy periods of time. The last time this happened it took place over a period of at least 3 days. Nothing I tried would change the outcome. And finally I had a balance I $0. And it drives you crazy because youre sure something is going on. And then I saw the reviews here which seem to confirm what Ive experienced!


THE BEST POKER APP EVER!!! From the graphics, the layout, the details, and I mean like everything! Simply amazing! Perfect! This app deserves 10 stars!

Best Poker table for fun

I assure you, this is the best Poker software.


Very nice soft

Crap game of bunch of cheaters

Dnt download this app its run by a group of cheaters they will make you lose evrything and their rules are totally crap better play zynga poker it wnt cheat on their players..... BEWARE

The best

The best poker app


They are robber. When you are starting earning chips they are suddenly canceling your account. I recommend everyone that use another poker programs.

O çocuklari

Best of the best

Pokerist texas holdem

This is the best Texas Holdem iPhone app considering user friendly interface, design, playability and fast reactions on players decisions. Although it does not have thousands of players yet but all of them are really loyal and come back every day to have fun and play. Better than any other just try it out. And in the near future there will be more tables and opponents available. As i know Pokerist prepares a facebook app too:)


Very very fun :)

The best of the world

Лучший покер в ап сторе))


Excellent. I play it every day.

Poppa Joel

Been playing a couple of years excellent app. Graphics good very few bugs. Love that the pace to full seats is getting faster.

Horrible Updated Version

Used to be a fun app with great animation and speed. Now its just like all the other slow mediocre poker apps.

Scam game

This a gambling game and must be reported to authorities, they sell chips make u loose and take money again

Slow and klunky!

Wow, the new upgrade is a real disappointment. This used to be a very smooth running app. It is frustrating enough that after five years Im seriously considering quitting. The worst is the time lags in raising. Often my raises do not reflect what Ive been trying to input. This is obviously a very bad thing in poker. I like some of the new features like Hand History, however this is not enough to offset the awful quirks introduced with this "upgrade"!

Best poker app can you find

Best poker app

Good poker but too p.c.

I wish they would turn the filters off and fix auto correct so when I talk trash I dont sound like an idiot. Good poker though.

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