Texas Holdem Poker: Pokerist App Reviews

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If youre looking for a free app to play seriously poker you have to skip "pokerist" (big looool) you can feel lucky when you find somebody who knows to play poker, so you can see many stupids moves (every hand all-in, raise re-raise, re-re-raise,etc...) in every case you can only see winners hand, and the best : I cant believe how many times I lost games by bad beats, how many lose-calls and win... It makes me crazy, I play true poker (with real cards and money) for more than 15 years between friends, and sometimes in casinos and I was looking for a free app to spend good time with my favorite game but I cant believe thats my statistics when I see them in this f*** app... So I have to find a new free poker game in apple store...


All time the game bugs because bad 3G and put the player out off the game! Just bad!

Good fun

Nice game

One of the best games ever

I love this game

Pokerist best

I like this, but not fair setup me


Dont want to be INSULTED!!! Not even insulting them or saying something Bad

Signing in

I cant sign with my ( old ) other accounts, I wanted to play with...

love it!

very good app!

So so game, but...

Fun game. Would like to see private rooms to keep out the annoying people I dont want. Daily bonuses dont make up for amount lost in random crashes. Annoying! 2 1/2 stars is more accurate.

No consistency.

I enjoy this game. But there are so many issues, and they frustrate me enough that I dont want to play. Like, the cards are horribly shuffled. Nearly every hand you have matches another players. You have 7,Q. Someone else has 7,Q. You have a pair in your hand, someone else has a pair. Then, if two players share the same pair, sometimes itll split the pot between both, sometime it wont. No consistency. Shuffle the deck better. Theres 52 cards. What are the chances that so many hands are the exact same as other players.


Its nice and easy to play!! I love the fact that we can see what kind of hands do we have and all :)


So sick. If youre stupid aggro you just plain catch cards. Absolute all-in idiots, and other morons win regularly with no clue. Ive recorded several thousand hands played and its not even close to being statistically realistic. Not even close.

welcome to gulag poker lol

This Russian developer sends people to "gulag" or also called jail servers.....let me spend my capitalist money for those "in game purchases" at another poker app you fools ....oh and one more thing....in capitalism competition is great so get ready since you (Kama Games) are Dropping players every day to your competitors because your stupid actions ....people dont waste time on this app

Terrible poker app

Very strict app unfair play. Cant keep friends, bans your pic unfairly, jails your account alot, takes chips away from you. Just terrible! Tap poker is way better. Thx

Its disgusting!!!!

I wouldnt even give it that one star. Its not real at all. You can sit and play for hours and not win one single hand. There are bots all over and keep going all in. You will be put in different servers and lose friends simply because you won some. They set you to lose and you will lose a lot in a day with unbelievably great hands like full houses or flushes or even 4 of a kind. They set hands so in one hand 3 people have full houses. Its just stupid. And to add insult to injury, donks get better and better cards so you lose a lot on turn and especially river. I wish I could rate it -5 stars.

Friends list

Yesterday i was playin with my friends then today it said i have no friends wats goin on pls fix and ill rate 5 stars

Most stupid game

One if the most stupid game I have ever played loss over 150 hands and you cant win one stupid stupid stupid


I have been wining several tournaments and lose the damn server and get punted from the table, cause me millions! What a joke!

More tournament choice

Why not offer 10 mil or one hundred mil sit n go tourneys? What a joke! As if these hands arent predetermined. Reward those that are completely rediculous. Penalize those who understand odds! I recommend this app to no one. Its actually even worse than I described. The hands are set up. The number of three of a kinds trumped by straights or flushes beaten by full houses I happens so often it strains the imagination. Do yourself a favour: use a different poker app!


Needs some minor adjustments and also must give more giveaways...

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