Texas Holdem Poker: Pokerist App Reviews

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Piece of s*** game.

Dont waste your time or money on this app. Its rigged. Lots of bots installed by the developers who take your chips in order for Pokerist to sell more. They never lose, but you will. Ive played this game for 6 years and its only getting worse. Oh and btw if youre looking to have a relationship with someone on there, forget it. Try eHarmony instead. A complete joke of an app.

Big problems

1-in log in and log out our level and chip lose so we should play again 2-i dont know why play as guest when were registered for this game 3- my name and my status lose every time 4-we should choose our kind table when out from one its not stable 5-when send friend request we get user not found 6-and lots of problems with it


I think you have a good app !!! Just needs to be updated!!! With separate levels for billionaires :) keep them off the small tables!!! People will still buy chips :)


No fun with new gifts. Now coin gift doesnt replace another gift bought for coins. And u can remove any coin gift if u buy urself any gift for Ch ips. Also after sending a gift u cant buy another one right away. It was much more fun before.


I believe that this site cheats and gives bad beats to people who buy a lot of chips so they keep coming back to buy more! Im being serious to. Ive never seen so many bad beats in my life. Its ridiculous!

Bought chips twice - no chip received.

Converts cash to air - beware

Dont waste time

I used to play this game a lot, and I stopped because of all of the reasons everyone else that wrote a bad review for this app. Bad hands dealt after buying chips is ridiculous, and that should be more than enough to not play this game. Hard to bluff people because the dealing system is ridiculous. I had to rate it one star because I cant give zero. Seriously dont waste your time.


This is the best poker apps

Bad business model

Trust me on this one.. Playing for 5 years. This app is sleeping with apple. They must all roll with laughter as they run to the bank. So the odds of winning at poker have recently been readjusted to a new algorithm that favors the computer; similar now to Kama games blackjack and roulettist. You can seriously sit for 100 hands and maybe win 1 or 2... Seeing the cards all the way to the river. It is now the folding game. It is so boring. The new gifts are stupid. Now, few will even buy coins. They allow cheaters to sit at same table, hackers to steal, bankers to bank winnings and play w minimum at a table and throw robot players in to take ur chips. They allow players to have 20 accounts per device! Guess whos cheating! The people selling chips on the black market. Some of them are pokerist!! Worst of all, your loyal fans are leaving in groves. Bored to death. All u would have to do is make this games algorithm fair, punish the cheaters and bring back the old gifts. You would still make money instead of losing people every day. Just a thought.

This game is a thief

Is a ridiculous dont take it is just manipulate your mind and than steal your money.... You never ever be happy with this game .... In the end you become a cow with milk for developer and make the developer rich is crazy how Apple store let this to happen ?nothing is right with this game...... Is only one way ....... All way the developer will be the winner... Don,t matter how good you are....is very sad.... And I know to play poker.... Here you dont have chance because is only one way .....to clean your wallet .... This is the true and the conclusion .... Read other honest people review and stay far a way from this one... Dont download ..... You will be piss of in the end when you realize is just cheating to get your money .....is very sad experience

Bring back the app of 2011

I used to play on this app a lot back in the day, when there was a ton of more real people to talk to, the watchers werent locked out of the chat by default (i know it was their strategy to stop chips selling) at every table, you could go there and say hi to your friends without much struggle. You guys lost a ton of people by unfairly sending them to the "Jail" servers i was one of them, i lost 3.5B in a day due to playing vs the anoyying bingo players, then the game thought i sold my chips and locked me out in "jail" away from every friend i had. I miss those days, less control, more freedom to play and find friends. It took this app like 3 years to be able to make a version that didnt crash everytime you tried to change your profile picture.


The system times out constantly causing you to lose the hand. This is especially bad when you play their unreliable tournaments. I lost millions in gifts that just dissapeared. They said problem would be fixed in two days. Never restored. Never. Never. Never spend money on this site.


Great poker app for fun and friends. Lots of bots so play for fun not $. They def set u up so be careful and have fun. 1 of best poker sites there is!*****

Dont Make Any Purchases

Ive a player and buyer since 2011. Since the new update theres been several times where Ive purchased their expensive coin gifts and they would either be gone the next day or the last time which has brought me here it was gone as quick as I received it from my real boyfriend. I have been trying to talk to them about both situation and all at the end I just got "Its the computers rules and thats real life!" Well If you make a purchase and do not receive what you bought then its called theft in real life! So with that said I am deleting this game and if I could I wouldnt leave these thieves a star but I have to at least leave one. But beware of what you purchase because you may or may not receive it depending on the computers rules for the day!


Good enough

best the program in the world

Best the program in the world


They allow nudity allow auto bots the app crashes states you lost connection the customer service states it shows that you received your purchases when you have not they cant barely understand English. They steal your chips slowly after a purchase does actually go through by either app crash or connection issues or by leading you into a trap at a table. They allow chip trading and do nothing in response to you reporting. Its all crap. Download zynga at least they support their applications.


Dont pay for these apps. Youll never win. No one plays right. And once you pay you get no cards. Go to card player.com its free and they dont cheat and you actually get cards and they play right.

They took all chips no reason

Iv been playing pokerist 7 years 2days ago also played By the way when I playing suddenly freezed and my chips all vanished I never know the reason I have 5 accounts ID 34 2126 1909 25B - NOW 4K ID 46 1305 9977 15B - NOW 300M ID 45 2739 8950 7B - NOW 2B 3 accounts chips vanished I REALLY DONT KNOW THE REASON AND UNACCEPTABLE I just used to transfered many times what did I wrong? I have 5 accounts and I TRANSFERED THAT I MADE THAT CHIPS FOR 7 YEARS TELL ME THE REASON PLEASE WHY IT HAPPENED? KAMA GAMES BIG COMPANY RIGHT? TOTALLY 45B VANISHED I NEVER LIED PLEASE BECOME RIGHT AND MAIL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I AM VERY UPSET NOW I WAIT I NEVER ACCEPTABLE I JUST TRANSFERED MY ACCOUNTS FOR PLAYING I use to change accounts when I play PLEASE TELL ME REASON I WAIT I INTRODUCED POKERIST TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND THEY ALSO PLAYING WHY MY CHIPS VANISHED? I WIAT ANSWER I TRUST KAMA GAMES Please do the right Stop ignoring!!!


Dont wast your time and money this game is completely s h I t, set up every thing to lose and buy chips from the site, you are never win, everything set up to lose and buy fake chips from the site.

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