Texas Holdem Poker: Pokerist App Reviews

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Hai apologized for the inconvenience but I have a problem with my account and that of 10 months, I can not see the list of friends, messages or tables do not know the reason for that, knowing that I play system does not bypass the law Each time you send me a message that you will find the solution and not find one or help with that I hope for help

Dont download if you are a Pokerist player

As a Pokerist player for six years, the newest update is a disaster. Youve done nothing to make this game more exciting, with the exception of trying to make more money by redirecting people to your other apps. The layout is horrible there are no indicators when people are online search is a light up saying their online, gone you took it away. There are no sound for notifications anymore. You dont even know when someone sends you a message without sound. Youve taken away the keyboard functionality in auto correct function. Bottom line you took a functional app and made it garbage . Several letters to support Go unanswered DONT download update !!

Love this game!!!!

Ahhhh I can play this poker game all say

Bummed out

Dont waste your time, just after your money, baits you in with big wins first couple days and then takes all your chips, real bummer !!

This app is a bunch of bs money making greedy fuks !!!

First off let me say this app has like 5 or 6 different servers that allow certain players to play ONLY IN CERTAIN areas ,Ive played this app for years and it used to be different and allow you to get ahead in chips , now I get online and I BUY FROM THE WEB SITE AND THEY SET THE CARDS SO I LOSE AND BUY AGAIN . Ill give an example "my whole cards are KK. Flop comes 10,2,Q obviously Im going to raise , so I do he re raises me so I assume he has a queen I call turn K , now Im confident so I raise big , he re raise I push all in !! River 2 .... I think its mine with a fh this guy (pokerist knows he has 52 billion chips) and gives him quads on a river !!!!!! Whats are the odds !!!!!!! Total BS !!! Im done fu fukerist

Great game!

One of the best!

Forget support

Had many problems with site kicking me off tables,missing millions of dollars. After purchasing chips from site they use collected info to determine your play status. Uninstalled game due no answers from support team. Dont waste your hard earned money

Nh.. ( Nice Hand )

Listen, here’s the thing, if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker. Rounders... Mike McDermott.. Matt Damon Cool game.. Cool tables .. Cool People Just play.. And be cool

This game is BS

This is game used to be heaven for me! Now, i was lvl 38 and had 70m pretty good for my lvl, but then I realized how unlucky i got, if i get a straight someone else would get a stronger straight or a flush would be stronger to them. I would always lose! Now from 70m i am down to 1.6k!! Absolute bs! Better play other poker games on the market! Its not only me, i see people lvl 40-45 with 30k and stuff. If you are not paying for chips, dont play as this game is gonna do everything for you to lose! Very bad!


You have stolen my money you sent me photos of what followed scorlled obviously you have the cheat you leave I took this picture the apple storem sure this is one response


This game cheats its players. On numerous occasions the game made me lose when I had the dominant hand. For instance I had a straight and the other person won with a lower straight. Thats just one example, it happened to me many times in one night. The game creators intentionally make you lose so that you purchase more chips. I reported this problem to the support team and they refuse to look into the problem and refund my losses.

NOT Happy

I am NOT HAPPY with the change in the Sit-n-Go tournaments. Nine seats is too many. Waits time will increase dramatically. Were too long at times already. Also, getting rid of $100 tournament stinks. I will NOT visit the site nearly as often now!

terrible UI

I CANNOT BELIEVE that this programmers cant make this app remember the preferences for the controls from one game to the next. I put my chat window to the left, and EVERY single time I play, I have to press the "cycle" icon and move the windows around. Hello!?! Is anyone actually playing this game and trying out the interface?

Good but deletes itself

I love the game but hate having to redownload it gets really annoying

Latest version is horrible ... sucked all money made in a year

I had a steady amount of money while using this game for over 3 years ... however ... my same play behaviors though consistent, resulted in the APP taking all money over a period of 2 weeks. The algorithms in the APP now sway outcomes. Unfortunately, latest version of this APP is gold-digger oriented. Not by any means a sore loser, rather, now a very disappointed customer of the APP. Boo on the Dev and product definition team, and the newly implemented schemes in latest version.


Not very happy till my account was put to server3. I seen that theres more violated this worse but never penalize. I seen naked pic was used as their profile pic but nothing was done. Just hoping that my acct will be sent back to server 1 again. I seen ppl doing their transferring but not penalize even if it was reported. They should at least give you a warning sign if the acct was not following the rules, but is there any rules was given? No none at all. Pokerist if youre going to apply a rules make sure that its apply for ALL.

Lastest update EXTREMELY BAD!!!

Im going to keep sending reviews until you fix the last update. The chat feature is SOOOO bad. The screen is unstable!! Even worse, when you do chat with with someone at the table, it pops up and covers the cards dealt forcing people to fold. You need to fix this update!!!!

Not what I expect

Right now I would not recommend this app to decent people. Why? believe me: As soon as you buy chips from this app, your luck becomes upside down, to lose all, so you buy again, one advice, do not buy, do not buy, It gives you decent hands to lose a lot, all set up rigged program, I have no idea why Apple does not dismiss these cheaters Stupid me, did that again, happened again ,

Love this g@me

Honestly been playing it for years. Best poker game there is. Helps to practice.

What is this problem?

I am new on this game, i just installed it on my ipad last night and when i ran this game, it shows me this error every 5 sec: Connected from another device!!!! Why??? :|

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